Computer Science

» Source code: Git Hub repositories of the team, TsangLab repository

» Java implementation of Machine learning algorithms for solving data and text mining problems: Weka, MALLET
» Andrew Ng's Deep Learning Tutorial Stanford University
» Apache Spark computing system for big data processing
» Apache Solr search platform
» Calcul Quebec and Compute Canada resources for high power computing
» R packages for Natural Language Processing
» (One of the best) User interface for R: RStudio
» Bibliomics and Text Mining Group: BITEM Group
» Linux: Ubuntu Forum
» Eric's Data (in English and French)
» Les tuteurs de l'ENS (in French)


» Play with planar graphs
» Bob Schapire's video tutorial on Theory and Applications of Boosting
» Adam Berger's tutorial on the Maximum Entropy model
» Optimization and Operations Research on Carlos Diego Rodrigues' home page
» Coaching for undergraduate students: MATHPRIM' (in French)


» Cercle des Mycologues de Montréal (in French)
» Les Champignons du Québec (in French)


» Miam Time ! (in French)
» Dan Jurafsky's blog: The Language of Food


» HADRA Records A French independent label promoting a large range of different psytrance styles.