Computer Science

» Introduction to Big Data Analytics DIC938L (UQAM, PhD) INF8882 (UQAM, MSc)
» Mathematics for Computer Scientists INF1130 (UQAM, undergraduate)
» Algorithmics (IUFM, courses for teachers)
» Computer Science Introduction - C2I, B2I (IUFM, courses for teachers)
» LaTeX (University of Avignon, module for PhD students)

Probability & Statistics

» Probability (University of Avignon, L3)
» Probability (University of Avignon, L2)
» Inferential Statistics (University of Avignon, L1)

Operation Research

» Constraint Programming (University of Avignon, Master Project 2)

Pure Mathematics

» Mathematics (1993-2003 / College, BTS, training courses in CPGE)